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Forget IQ and EQ, the REAL Key to Success is AQ

Life comes at you fast.

The ability to adapt can determine whether your business will thrive or die.

That's what AQ is. How can your organization be more adaptable?

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Hire People Who Can't Do the Job (Yet)

Is it ever a good idea to hire under-experienced talent?

In many situations (such as when experienced talent is in short supply), the answer is "Yes." Here are the upsides to bringing on a newbie – and the best ways to hire for potential.

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Texting Interviews -- Do They Really Work?

Dr. John Sullivan explains why that little smartphone in your hand is the next big thing in interviewing. Skeptical? Then read this.

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Legal alternatives to illegal interview questions

Most hiring managers would love to ask these revealing (although, unfortunately, illegal) questions when interviewing job candidates. But as we all know, asking improper interview questions can lead to discrimination or wrongful-discharge lawsuits. So how do you get the information you need without putting your company at risk? 

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10 Interview Questions to Avoid

Interviewing is a tricky situation. On one hand, you want to ask probing questions that will help you discover shortcomings in a prospective employee. On the other hand, if those questions cross the line, you can get yourself--and your company--into serious trouble. So what should you avoid? Here are 10 questions you should NEVER ask in an interview.

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